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The International Society for Sports Psychiatry represents excellence in Sports Psychiatry around the world. Founded in 1994, the ISSP has contributed to significant advancements in the science and practice of sports psychiatry for athletes of every age, race, and ability. Leaders of the ISSP have developed and continue to refine world-class courses and curricula for mental health in sports, author seminal papers/books, provide mentorship for developing sports psychiatrists, and continue to lead global coalitions in sports psychiatry. The ISSP collaborates with several national and international organizations to advance the field of sports psychiatry. A list of approved collaborating organizations can be obtained by contacting the President or their designee. Any endorsements or public statements representing the ISSP will be explicitly stated by the ISSP Board of Directors.

All material published on the ISSP website (including links) are subject to copyright laws in the United States. Use of the ISSP logo and curriculum materials may only be used with the expressed written permission from the ISSP Board of Directors.

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Call for Nominations!

If you are an experienced practitioner in Sports Psychiatry, have leadership experience, and are interested in being involved with ISSP leadership, consider applying for a position with the ISSP Board of Directors. The call for nominations and description of available positions can be found here:

Call for nominations 2024.pdf

ISSP Meet and Greet at the APA!

Considering our large number of international members, the Annual meeting will occur virtually over Zoom (date to be confirmed in the near future!). There will be an opportunity for ISSP members to meet for an informal meet and greet with ISSP Board member Dr. Shane Creado at the 230 5th rooftop lounge on Monday May 6th from 5-7 pm. This will provide ISSP members to discuss ISSP-related business and explore new developments and opportunities within the organization. Details can be found here:  

ISSP Informal meeting with Dr. Creado May 6.pdf

ISSP 2024 Annual meeting

Following the resounding success of the 2023 meeting, in which keynote speaker Dr. Skip Pope captivated attendees with his presentation about performance-enhancing drugs, this year's annual meeting will include another internationally-renowned speaker (soon to be revealed!), key organizational updates, committee updates and opportunities, identification of members who have earned certificates of additional training in sports psychiatry, and the scientific symposium.

Our Mission:

The International Society for Sports Psychiatry was founded in 1994 to advance the specialty of Sports Psychiatry.  

The International Society for Sports Psychiatry aims to carry the science and practice of psychiatry to the athletic community, so that all people may enjoy the benefits of healthy participation in sports. Toward this end, the Society develops the field of sports psychiatry and advocates for mental health and wellness in sports.

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The ISSP was founded in 1994 to advance the specialty of sports psychiatry.  

Membership is open internationally to medical students, psychiatry residents, psychiatrists and--at the discretion of the ISSP board of directors--other clinicians interested in the field. 

Benefits of Membership: 

  • Inclusion in our referral network
  • Access to our members-only listserv
  • Opportunity to communicate and collaborate directly with sports psychiatrists
  • Ability to participate in our mentorship program
  • Option to earn a "Certificate of Additional Training in Sports Psychiatry"

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