International Society for Sports Psychiatry

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Moving Forward: The Next 3 Years



This document briefly describes the strategic plan for the ISSP.  This plan is intended to guide the ISSP leadership, including its Committees and Task Forces, in translating the Society’s core ideology, outlined below, into action.  We recognize that strategic plans are context-dependent.  In this document, we articulate specific goals for the ISSP that we anticipate will assist in guiding the college over the upcoming years.  We recognize that these goals will need to be updated regularly, perhaps every 3-5 years. More frequently, the Society will need to reevaluate the success of its strategies in enabling the Society to achieve its stated goals and introduce necessary amendments.


ISSP Core Ideology

 Core Purpose / Mission Statement

The International Society for Sports Psychiatry aims to carry the science and practice of psychiatry to the athletic community, so that all people may enjoy the benefits of healthy participation in sports.  Toward this end the society develops the field of sports psychiatry and advocates for mental health and wellness in sports.

 out original research, and offers clinical and performance workshops to members of the a

Core Values

ISSP believe in these Core Values:

  • ·         Diagnose and treat psychiatric disorders in athletes
  • ·         De-stigmatize mental illness in sports
  • ·         Educate and collaborate with clinicians across disciplines on sports psychiatry
  • ·         Advocate for mental health in sports through the lifespan
  • ·         Promote fairness in sports.
  • ·         Integrate and communicate with other fields of medicine.   

ISSP Goals and Objectives


Goal #1 – Retain 80% of members and increase new members by 10% each year including members who are international.     


  1. Define member benefits. 
  2. Define target audience for membership.
  3. Improve member involvement and retention in the society. 
  4. Encourage regional meetings or meetings with partner professional organizations.

Goal #2 – Increase the Society’s income by 10%. 


  • 1.      Increase dues revenue by growth membership.
  • 2.      Develop projects that can allow ISSP to partner with a funding organization.
  • 3.      Consider developing a sponsorship program through meetings, website advertising. 


Goal #3 – Increase recognition of sports psychiatry as a career path. 


  • 1.      Update, maintain and disseminate a sports psychiatry curriculum.
  • 2.      Develop a membership mentorship program.
  • 3.      Promote sports psychiatry as an elective during medical training.
  • 4.      Expand and further develop research in Sports Psychiatry

Goal #4 – Develop projects to raise awareness and enhance the wellness of athletic communities.   


  • 1.      Build projects and networking capacity through high school/youth sports committee outreach. 
  • 2.      Encourage members to develop programs in their communities.

New Committees Developed based on Strategic Plan

  • 1.      Membership Committee
  • 2.      Communications Committee
  • 3.      Mentoring Committee
  • 4.      Fundraising Committee
  • 5.      Youth Sports Committee
  • 6.      Education Committee


     International Society for Sports Psychiatry is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization.

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