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Welcome to the ISSP Mentoring Program

The ISSP has now established a mentoring program available to our active members, through which psychiatrists or trainees with specific interests in sports psychiatry can be connected with mentors--ideally in geographic proximity--who have at least 10 years of experience in the field. Once mentees and mentors are connected, options include arranging shadowing opportunities and collaborating on clinical/research projects, curricula, and presentations. Rather than create a rigid framework for what can be done in the mentor-mentee interaction, the committee prefers to facilitate such interactions, and then leave it up to the participants to decide on the timing and scope of such activities.

If you are interested in participating, please email the mentoring program leader Shane Creado, MD at with the subject line "ISSP MENTORSHIP COMMITTEE: application to be a mentor (or mentee)."

Please provide answers to the questions below.

1) identifying information:

a) current location

b) professional and educational level

c) background in sports psychiatry

d) athletic history

2) availability, including availability online

3) basic orientation toward sports psychiatry:

a) biological, psychological, social

b) performance, clinical

4) For prospective mentees, specific preferences--if any--for mentor gender, age, ethnicity or nationality, etc.

5) For both mentors and mentees, what you hope to get out of mentoring

The ISSP Mentoring Program will then make introductions and encourage mentors and mentees to meet.


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