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Mental Wellness in Youth Sports Program

Thursday, March 30, 2017 11:18 AM | Deleted user

Family, (Please read the insightful report below from ISSP Coordinator Bukie Aje-Lloyd who came all the way from London to make sure this innovative program went smoothly. 

Thank you to Bukie and sports psychiatrists extraordinaire Dan Begel and Eric Noble for making the program so benefiical)


Mental Wellness in Youth Sports Program – Its not Just About The Game!

ICEF Rugby partnered with the International Society for Sports Psychiatry (ISSP) to deliver their Mental Wellness in Youth Sports program (MWYS) to coaches and athletes from January 23 – February 27.

The 4-week program focussed on helping players to build mental skills in key areas to improve their readiness and resilience for competitive sports and to help constructively manage their academic and personal life.

Created by psychiatrists, MWYS is an athlete specific mental health and wellness program designed to support student athletes to manage the unique challenge they face in juggling their personal, academic and sporting life.

 Working directly with psychiatrists, students learned about the importance of mental health in sports, and learned coping and wellbeing skills to help them to achieve and maintain mental wellbeing so they can perform their best on the field, in the classroom and in life.

This program provides a foundation for Coach Krohn and ISSP’s work to leverage the power of sport as a platform to create an athletic culture that supports safety, excellence and wellness in youth rugby. 

This is what our students are saying:

“I learned to love myself and my mistakes as a way to better myself in the game and in life.”

“I really, really, really, enjoyed this program mainly because I want to go into sportsmedicine. Everything I have learned has been beneficial to both my mental andphysical health.”

“This program was very beneficial to me. It showed me a different yet better way to deal with my emotions.”

“The program has taught me more about my teammates and myself. This program has brought me closer to others and created a stronger bond. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to teach us about ourselves!”


Please help support these amazing scholar athletes on their tour to Fiji as ambassadors for ICEF and the bigger community. We lead from the front. 

Just designate rugby in the drop down box, or send a check made out to "ICEF Public Schools", please note "Rugby" in the memo section.

 Address: ICEF PS, Attn: Stuart Krohn, 5120 W. Goldleaf Circle, Suite 350, LA, CA 90056. Your donations make the world better, are tax deductible, and bring good karma.  

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